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Let Our Haunted Tour Show You Salem’s History

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Have you ever felt history come alive? In Salem, it does more than that—it reaches out through the mists of time on haunted tours. Let the spirits of the past guide you through stories of witch trials and eerie legends, making Salem’s history speak in a way you’ve never heard before.

Stepping Into Another Era

When you go on a haunted tour with us, we’re not just talking about history — we’re walking it. You’ll be walking on the same streets as those we’re talking about, looking at the buildings they lived in. It’s easy to put yourself in the mindset of those who came before us when you realize they weren’t nameless, faceless beings — they were real people who walked right here, just as you’ll be doing.

Meeting the Echoes of Old

As night falls on Salem and the shadows deepen, losing yourself in time is easy. The past and present become murky concepts when you’re walking down a street with hundreds of years of history — some of which may still be lingering in the spirits who want you to know their story.

At Spellbound Tours, all of our tour guides are professional paranormal investigators. They don’t just dive into the history of the area, they also bring it into the present by using modern techniques and their own paranormal experience to help you see these traces of the past.

Thrill of the Unknown

You’ve probably heard about the Salem witch trials before, but it’s different when you’re learning about this dark time in history while walking the very streets where these things happened. Hearing about a woman being hanged is terrible enough, but knowing it happened in the same spot you’re standing will undoubtedly send a chill down your spine.

From the infamous witch trials to the pirates that came ashore off the coast, Salem has a rich history that sometimes still makes itself known through paranormal encounters. The history is alive and well here in Salem, waiting for you to experience it.

Spellbinding Surprise of the Moment

You never know what will grab your attention during one of our tours. Maybe it’s a flicker of movement in your peripheral vision, and nothing is there when you turn to look. Or it’s a sensation of being watched when you walk past a centuries-old building.

Or perhaps it’s the moment your guide’s voice lowers to a near-whisper, spinning a tale so enthralling and spine-chilling that the world around you seems to fall away, leaving nothing but you, the story, and the shadows. These are the moments that etch themselves into your memory, transforming your visit into a deeply haunting yet enlightening encounter that lingers long after you’ve left Salem’s cobblestone streets behind.

Expert Tour Guides

Your tour guides at Spellbound Tours aren’t just good storytellers — they’re paranormal investigators. That means you’re not just going to hear about the town’s history; you’re going to experience it. We focus on being historically accurate while also being genuinely frightening. After all, with a history like Salem’s, plenty of negative energy is floating around.

When you take a tour with us, you also get some paranormal training. We’ll show you some of the photos we’ve taken on our investigations of instances of orbs and apparitions, and we’ll even show you how to catch some of those on your own camera so you can see some for yourself how these sorts of photos come out.

Book A Spellbound Tour Now

At Spellbound Tours, we are so much more than just an average tour. We don’t just tell you the history — we encourage you to experience it. We introduce you to the specters of the past, bringing history to life before your very eyes as we walk along these old streets. With the horrific things that happened here and the intense emotions that were produced, you might be surprised how much of that is still lingering to this day.

With the power of history and storytelling combined with our experience with the paranormal, we can offer a unique experience that no other tour can. When you’re ready for an immersive adventure, come to us in Salem, MA, to experience what paranormal means!

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