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Plan your experience

Plan Your Ultimate Salem Experience!

Planning a vacation to the Witch City might feel overwhelming, there is so much to do here, and more attractions are popping up every day! You want to have the most authentic experience and the most fun but there are so many options. Where to visit? Where to stay? Where to eat? What about shopping? And of course, where are the best places to take pictures that will make your friends at home jealous you went to Salem? We are here to help! Dr. Vitka has been here long enough to witness Salem’s transformation from a sleepy dried-up seaport to the unofficial Halloween capital of the world and here will share the BEST that this bewitching city has to offer. We want your Salem trip to be something special you will always remember fondly. This list is only about what you should do, not going to waste your time talking about the things to avoid.

Part One - Historical Sites and Interesting Attractions

Part two - Shopping!

Salem has everything! Whether you want custom made vampire fangs, vintage records, herbs and potions, taxidermy, jewelry, or the traditional tourist t-shirt and witch hat, Salem has you covered! Here are some of my favorite shops.

Advice on the spiritual/occult shops, if you are into that variety of spirituality you probably already know this, but it is very personal. Follow your gut with those places. There might be a shop that I love and think is the most authentic in the world but if you step in there and get “bad vibes”, trust your own feelings. I am going to tell you about the ones I like but you will find your own.

Part three - Food and drinks!

You must eat to keep your energy up on your walking tour! All the establishments listed below are ones that I personally enjoy.

Part four -Tattoos!

A Salem souvenir you keep forever. One of the most frequent questions in the various Salem tourist groups online is about where to get tattoos here in the Witch City. It can be overwhelming, there are almost as many tattoo parlors as there are walking tours now! Which is remarkable considering it was not that long ago tattooing was illegal in Massachusetts. The three shops listed below are the ones I recommend to my friends.