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Spellbound Tour ™

Voodoo, Vampires & Ghosts

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NOTE: We welcome all ages on this tour. We discuss ghosts, murders, violent events, and scary occurrences, but we do not see them. It is up to your discretion if your children can handle the content.

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Unearth Salem’s Darkest Secrets on this Haunted Salem Ghost Tour!

Dr. Vitka is your ultimate guide to Salem’s darkest secrets. Dr. Vitka, a Salem local and a professional paranormal investigator, is a passionate Salem historian and a true entertainer. As a longtime Salem resident, Dr. Vitka knows the hidden insider information about the haunted seaport town and will even reveal to you the controversial location of the forbidden Gallows Hill witch hanging site.

Learn the secret history of what really happened during the infamous Salem Witch Trials, discover startling information about true New England vampirism, and be amazed by tales of real, documented paranormal activity! Spellbound’s Voodoo, Vampires, and Ghosts Tour delves into the dark corners of Salem’s history, even exposing the hidden Voodoo roots of the famous Witch Hysteria. Every site we visit is a proven haunted location, and many of our guests have reported having true supernatural experiences on this Salem ghost tour!

Meeting Location:

  • Tours begin at the Revere Bell in front of the Salem Visitor Center.
  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes before the tour start time.

Witch City Awaits You!

Take a mesmerizing stroll through the haunted heart of Salem. Our captivating Salem Ghost Tours unveil a side of this fabled city that hides in the shadows, a side unknown to many, a tale that has long been whispered among the ancient streets.

Dive into the Year 1692…

The infamous year when terror gripped Salem. The year when witch trials echoed the cries of the innocent. With Spellbound Tours, be prepared to delve deep into the mysteries of 1692, where every corner holds a ghostly tale waiting to be told.

Voodoo, Vampires & Ghosts

From chilling ghost city tours that traverse Salem’s most haunted sites to the darker tales of voodoo rituals and the undead, Spellbound Tours ensures an experience like no other. Be captivated. Be entranced. Be Spellbound.

A Salem Night Tour: When The Real Haunted Happenings Unfold

When the sun sets and the Witch City is cloaked in darkness, that’s when the spirits come out to play. Join us on the most riveting Salem night tour and be a part of the haunted happenings that many have only heard in tales.

Why Choose Spellbound Tours?

  • Rated among the top ghost tours Salem, MA has to offer.
  • Engaging storyteller with deep roots in Salem’s history.
  • A blend of factual history, eerie tales, and a touch of the supernatural.
  • Tailored experiences for both thrill-seekers and history enthusiasts.

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, looking for ghost tours in Salem, MA, or diving deep into the enigmatic world of the supernatural, Spellbound Tours is your gateway. Book your ghost tour Salem experience now, and embark on an unforgettable journey through the haunting tales of Witch City!