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What Sets Spellbound Apart from Other Salem Tours

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The Best Paranormal Tours in Salem Since 2001

Spellbound Tours is Salem’s original and best paranormal tour established in 2001. Spellbound Tours’ Voodoo, Vampires, and Ghosts Tour is a trip through the dark side of Salem’s sinister past, including visits to actual locations from the infamous witch trials. Visit documented haunted sites, including what is considered by many experts to be the most haunted home in the country. See the frightening and beautiful Old Burying Point cemetery, final resting place of cruel Salem Witch Trials hanging judge Judge Hathorne. At the location of the original Witch Dungeon, past guests have claimed to encounter the tortured specters of the innocent victims. You will be trained in the latest scientific methods of ghost detection, and learn to recognize the tell tale signs of a true haunting!

You will hear shocking true tales of vampirism — from the past, and from our current day! Find out what what makes an otherwise normal person lust for blood, and hear authentic New England vampire folklore. Learn about the historic Dracula as well as modern day maniacs. Are there real, blood drinking vampires in Salem today? The answer may disturb you! Book your Salem tour online today! 

Spellbound Tours Prides Ourselves on Professionalism and Historic Accuracy

All our Salem tour guides are fully licensed by the city of Salem, and are experienced paranormal investigators. The history you will learn on your tour is true, and so are the ghost stories. When you take a Spellbound tour, you can trust you will be receiving the best haunted experience available in Salem. We are not costumed actors, we are real historians and investigators. Spellbound Tours has been around since 1999, founded by a professional parapsychologist and investigator. Please do not be fooled by imitations, Spellbound Tours is the real thing and we were “ghost hunting” for years before it became a popular pastime! Spellbound Tours takes a scientific approach to detecting and documenting the unusual and unearthly. We will teach you how the professionals search for life after death. We live to find the truth and debunk the myths! With your own camera, we show you how to photograph anomalous energy, orbs, ectoplasm, and apparitions. At the conclusion of each walking tour in Salem, we show you true photographs of actual paranormal energy — real ghosts! We encourage you to take your photographs on the tour and will be happy to examine them for evidence for you.

Discover the mysterious secrets of Voodoo, the startling root of the Salem witch hysteria! Salem has an occult legacy that has remained hidden for years — Voodoo. Was Tituba, the innocent enslaved woman at the center of the Salem Witch Hysteria, really a Voodoo practitioner? You will learn startling new theories as to exactly what bewitched the people of Salem! Many historians now believe that the otherworldly Voodoo religion played a role in the horrific events of 1692.

Guided Ghost Tour

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